Heart Attack is a month long course to give you the tools, understanding and practical experience to challenge and transform yourself and your life into something you absolutely love. We combine experiential learning, group empowerment and self-development theory and exercises to give you the opportunity to experience yourself in a totally different way. Heart Attack will give you the clarity, ability, and confidence to clearly define and shape the outcome of your life.


An Example Day On Heart Attack:

7:00 Morning Meditation 

Start the morning in silence and re-center as you are guided through a morning meditation.  

7:30 Morning Movement 

Start your morning off right with the option of Yoga or High Interval Training. Get your body moving, your blood pumping and get ready to feel alive.

9:00 Breakfast 

Our food is 100% vegan! A beautifully balanced breakfast is offered every morning! 

10:00 Morning Workshop: Connection Workshop

Welcome to the space where you can connect with people quickly and deeply. Learn the necessary aspects of deep human connection and how to foster it in your daily life with strangers and family members alike. You’ll experience human interaction on a completely different level with non-verbal and verbal connection activities that liberate and cure.

1:00 Lunch

Our food is 100% vegan! Enjoy a nutritious lunch every day made from 100% locally sourced food.

2:00 Personalized Life Coaching

Meet with your coach one on one for a personalized coaching session. Each participant receives a weekly personal coaching session from the Heart Attack Program mentors and coaches to ensure that your growth is tailored and transformational. 

4:00 Afternoon Workshop: How Your Parents Shape Your Love Life

 Our idea of love is shaped by our early love experiences. We’re going to deep dive into how to overcome grudges, painful relationships and past hurt that gets in the way of being centered and connected. You will learn that forgiveness doesn’t come from excusing others and how to master the paradox of letting go. You will experience a process of profound empathy and love whilst working to heal ourselves from damaging relationships.

6:00 Evening Activity: Wolf Run

This is a time to feel alive, to feel free and to liberate yourself from any barriers holding you back from being fully expressive. Reconnect with your animalistic essence as we run, jump, splash and play along the beautiful Barra Da Lagoa Beach. 

7:30 Daily Reflection

 This is a time to share highlights, improvements, give shout outs to those you are grateful for and reflect on your current achievements and challenges. It is during this time everyday that we further connect as a group.

8:00 Dinner

Our food is 100% vegan! Tuesday and Fridays we offer pescatarian meals, however there is always a vegan option. 

9:00 Night Activity: Jungle Bonfire

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms

Vegan Food

  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video


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