Imagine, leaving all your daily routines behind. Everything you "need" and "have" to do. Imagine, not answering messages all the time and being there for everyone else.

Imagine, taking a step back and dedicating eight days just for yourself - going on a journey of self-discovery, authentic relating, playing and creating - on a journey, where you can finally live the present moment again.

Imagine it taking place in tropical Brazil, listening to the sound of the waves and the exotic birds singing, feeling the sand under your feet and the sun on your skin - not worrying about anything.


When we were planning this retreat, we wanted to create an experience for ambitious people on a mission; for those, who are on that journey of self-discovery, maybe in the midst of planning an entrepreneurial project or venture.

Our own mission is to empower individuals to join forces, to provide them the space and the tools to co-create, to build something bigger than themselves, tapping back into the power of their own potential.

This retreat is part of a movement to redefine the way we live and work. It transmits a lifestyle, a new, conscious way of living and relating in the world, with ourselves and with others. 

Based on our own best practices we created a journey consisting of five elements

1) Reset

2) Dream

3) Collaborate

4) Get clear

5) Take action

The first days will be dedicated to press the reset button, to clear the mind and make space in order to dream and imagine more than our daily routines. You will be guided through the process due to creative workshops and exercises, daily meditation, surf and/or yoga. 

Because we strongly believe in the magic of collective intelligence, working with and relating to others is a big part of our journey together. We will brainstorm, mastermind and have lots of fun together while playing and jamming ideas. We will meet the world and get some insights about the Brazilian start-up scene during a day at the Startup-Factory in Rio de Janeiro. It's a good time to inspire and get inspired and dig even deeper into the cultural idea exchange. 

At the end of this journey of resetting, dreaming, jamming, playing, inspiring and motivating, the outcome shall be an inner feeling of being more clear and somehow more in peace with yourself and your goals and desires. 

And before letting you go celebrate the Brazilian Carnival with your new friends and collaborators, we prepare your action plan for the next months, so you can take action towards your goals. 


07:45 am Meditation, Yoga or Surf

09:30 am Breakfast

11:00 am Creative Workshop / Learning session to expand our thinking & consciousness

01:30 pm Lunch

03:00 pm Finding treasures in the jungle / Silent Walk in the jungle

07:00 pm Dinner

08:30 pm Story sharing


Pre-Trip Support & General Affairs

- Introduction and Welcome Dinner

- 24/7 availability of the team when in RJ

- Travel tips and tricks for the region and Brazil in general

For Body & Soul

- 7 nights accommodation in a single/double or shared room (depending on your booking choice)

- Daily healthy meals (vegan/vegetarian)

- Coffee, tea, and water

- Daily meditation in the morning

- Yoga & Surf Lessons (3 lessons each) - you can take your final decision at the destination and book more if you want, depending on how you feel in front of the ocean or the yoga mat ;)

- One day in nature including a silent walk

- One night culinary team-building experience

For the Mind

- Creative workshops aiming to help you reconnect with your inner voice and potential

- One full day at the Start-up Factory in Rio de Janeiro incl. workshops with international and local entrepreneurs

- Digital Workbook

- Peer-learning / mastermind / collaboration sessions

Note: All workshops are held in English. Nevertheless, other languages spoken are: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Cantonese/Mandarin.


-Approximately 30 minutes call with us to talk about your expectations, desires, and needs for the retreat and to clarify first questions (please give us a sign if you would like to make use of the call) :)

-Small Shaman session at the end of one of our days together

Not included

- Airfare and transport from and to the airport (can be arranged against a small extra fee)

- Personal purchases


  • In the end...it's all about the people... Yes, our venue is great, it's close to the beach, it has a beautiful garden, the food is prepared with love by local chefs, we put lots of effort and passion in our workshops and the Rio Surf'n'Stay provides amazing surf and yoga lessons. But we think, the most important and ever lasting highlight is about the people you meet. And we aim to make this a people's journey - to make real connections and friendships that last. Because...actually, that nurtures our souls the most! Looking forward to meeting you soon! :)

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room

Vegetarian Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video

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One Week Dream Big Surf & Yoga Retreat in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - SHARED ROOM

Food included
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Share your room with a maximum of three other people, enjoying AC and actually quite a lot of space because those dorms are made for up to six people ;)

One Week Dream Big Surf & Yoga Retreat in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - BED IN SHARED DOUBLE ROOM

Food included
You want to have a bit more space and privacy but don't fancy to be all by yourself (or want to save some money), then the shared double room is for you.

If you are coming with a friend or as a couple, drop us a message and we find the best price for you!

This rooms have AC and a private bathroom.

One Week Dream Big Surf & Yoga Retreat in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - SINGLE/DOUBLE ROOM

Food included
You love having your own territory, leaving your stuff wherever you want and enjoy being by yourself whenever you want!? Then get this super nice, jungly private room. :)

Getting here.

You can reach the Rio Surf'n'Change (Rio Surf'n'Stay) by taxi/Uber, metro or bus.

By taxi or Uber: it takes more or less 45 minutes from Copacabana, the direction is: R. Dr. Raimundo Véras, 1140 - Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro

By metro: Take L1 or L4 until Jardim Oceanico Station. Then search for the BRT exit and go to the bus platform. Ask for the BRT18 and exit at Recreio Shopping Station. The venue is 2 km away. You can either walk, take a moto/taxi or Uber.

By bus: Catch the bus 553 - Integrada 8, that takes to Recreio and ask the driver to drop you at: "Rua Zélio Valverde próximo ao 8". Then it is 550m to the venue.

Or: just ask us and we organize the pick-up for you, maybe we can arrange a minivan for several participants :)


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