Our monthly Farm-to-Table Sustainable Living Program is an all-inclusive, educational adventure where you’ll plant, maintain and eat from organic food production, food forestry and participate in community development in action. Daily workshops and knowledge sharing sessions with other experts will share with you the knowledge, plans, tools and connections you need to create sustainability for yourself and in your communities.

This tropical paradise is home to an amazing biome, the Atlantic Rain Forest. You will learn about edible foods of the forest, bananas, ginger, oranges, lime, mango, jack fruit, Brazilian cooking cuisine, organic gardening, egg production and the rich culture of Brazil. Your Expedition will include Permaculture, Organic Food Production, Organic Egg Production, Food Forestry, Re-Forestation, Camping, Community Living, and Community Development in action.

Workshops are part of your expedition to expand your ability to manage sustainable projects. You will learn from our team of experts how to use tools and resources that magnify your ability to co-create sustainability, personally and globally. Participate in the re-forestation project of the Atlantic Rain Forest.

What is included:

  • You will have the opportunity to connect and network with social benefit organizations and communities looking for members.
  • You will leave this program with the knowledge, resources, connections, plans, and inspiration to live in greater harmony with nature.
  • Stay on a beautiful protected reserve with an organic farm in one of the most unique regions of Brazil
  • Enjoy a relaxing massage of the waterfalls, GeoPark, hike on trails, swim in the natural spring river pools
  • Go on excursions to Communities and Culture Centers
  • Family Oriented Programs, cultural and language exchange programs and fun!
  • Experience an educational Expedition customized to the interests of the group
  • Excursion to a local National Park (Itatiaia or Black Needles)
  • Excursion to award winning Cachaca distillery (Reserva do Nosco)
  • Practice yoga, meditation, dancing and relaxation techniques
  • Enjoy pristine rivers with natural swimming pools and the amazing waterfalls
  • Enjoy three organic vegetarian meals a day with amazing, diverse tropical fruits
  • Receive transportation from / to the Sao Paulo airport and on all excursions during the Expedition


* All Accommodations (30 nights or 60 nights) in shared dorms

* 3 meals a day - mostly organic and local, and unbelievable tropical fruits

* Food at restaurants visited during the Expedition is also included

* All workshops, presentations and hands on experiences

* Education from multiple experts, and one on one coaching

* Private transportation on daily excursions

* All wellness activities, yoga, meditation

* Transportation from and to Sao Paulo airport

* Re-forestation Project, reduce your carbon footprint!


Any excursion to tourist destinations like Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, Copacabana Beach, Angra dos Reis & ocean beach, Party & ocean beach or Aparecida are optional and can be arrange but at an additional cost.  These trips are all within 3 hours drive.


Your dogs are welcome but must be kept in our dog kennel (extra fee of $10/day).  Any dogs outside the kennel must be on a leash for the protection of native wildlife and your dog.


Daily routine is weather dependent.  This is a rain forest, so there are sunny days, but be prepared for days of rain.

Daily: Maintaining the organic garden, collecting the eggs, feeding the chickens, collecting food for the day including lettuce, tomatoes, corn, mangoes, oranges, etc.  Most work is done early morning or late afternoon.  Mid day is very hot and is a relaxing time or head down to the river to cool off.

Cooking: Sharing the cooking experience of some popular Brazilian cuisine including pastéis, kibbeh, feijoada, pães-de-queijo and coxinhas. Three meals per day.  Usually light meal for breakfast and dinner.  Fruits always available.

Excursions: Minimum 1 trip per week will travel into town for supplies, meet the local community or tour the local attractions.  One visit to a local National Park and Cachaça distillery.

Community: Volunteer work in the community, social organization, promote integral care for people.


  • Understanding of the delicate balance in the Atlantic Rain Forest
  • Appreciation for the food we eat, what it takes to grow this food.
  • Learning of Brazilian cooking cuisine
  • Extraordinary unique living experience
  • Getting to know the local culture, people and community

Living Conditions.


  • hammocks
  • tent camping
  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • over 80% locally sourced
  • communally cooked meals


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • permaculture
    3-5 times per week
  • nutrition/cooking
  • meditation
    3-5 times per week

Getting here.

Most international flight are into São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport.  This airport has many popular car rental companies like Hertz, Avis, Budget and more.

Driving is on a multi-lane highway using HWY #116 (Dutra).  The Dutra is a toll road and will require cash (~R$50). Take the Dutra toward Rio De Janeiro (235 km) to exit 330A/Hwy 354 in Engenheiro Passos. Take Hwy 354 for 1 km and turn right after the river.  Stay on Estr. da Fazenda Valparaiso for 6 km.  Maple Leaf Ecovillage Reserve is the last property on the road.


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