The Yawanawa Emã Sheni Shushuti celebration will take place in the ancestral village of the Yawanawa People- The Sacred Village. The Sacred Village (Aldeia Sagrada) is the sacred ancestral sanctuary of the Yawanawa from the times when the entire tribe lived together united in a single village. It is there where the burial grounds of the Yawanawa elders and Pajes (Shamans) exist until today.

It was in the Sacred Village that the first contact with Western society was made. This contact marked the beginning of an era of repression by the missionaries and an era of enslavement for the exploitation of rubber. Decades later, when the Yawanawa regained the rights to their land, they stopped living in the Sacred Village and began to open new villages and re-writing their history. A great revival of Yawanawa culture, customs and spirituality took place and today the Yawanawa are living a new time.


October 22 or October 23rd
Arrival in Cruzeiro do Sul or Rio Branco or airport. Van to the Hotel

October 23rd 5:30 AM • Breakfast at the Hotel 6 AM • Transportation from the Hotel in Cruzeiro do Su, or Rio Brancol to São Vicente or Rio Branco to the banks of the Gregorio River (about 3 hour drive) 9 AM • Arrival in São Vicente. Departure by boat to the Sacred Village. (about 8 hour journey upriver) 5 PM • Arrival at the Sacred Village

October 24th-29th Yawanawa Emã Sheni Shushuti- The Celebration in the Yawanawa Sacred Village

October 30th 7 AM • Departure by boat from the Sacred Village to São Vicente 12 PM • Van from São Vicente to Rio Branco or Cruzeiro do Sul 3 PM • Arrival in Cruzeiro do Sul or Rio Branco Hotel (Oct 31st) • Flights out of Cruzeiro do Sul or Rio Branco


  • A once in a lifetime experience of healing and celebration and immersion into Yawanawa culture in the ancient Village of their ancestors.
  • Body Painting- the study of the sacred designs called KENE
  • Ceremony of Rape Preparation and Rapé Circles
  • Kampum (Kambo Frog Venom) Sessions
  • Uni (Ayahuasca) Ceremonies
  • Traditional Storytelling
  • Jewelry and Crafts Bazaar
  • Traditional Yawanawa Games
  • Traditional Song Circles and Workshop
  • Traditional Food and exceptional vegetarian cuisine
  • Hike to the Samaúma Tree, the ‘Mother’ tree in the Amazon
  • Free Time to integrate with the Healing Force of the Floresta

Living Conditions.


  • hammocks

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced


  • None: Off the grid

Ongoing classes

  • plant medicine

Getting here.

To arrive you need to arrive by plane to Cruzeiro do Sur via and major Brazil airport. Another option is to fly to Lima Peru and then to Puerto Maldonado and then by land to Rio Branco. Participants can choose between both options to arrive at the starting point of the journey.


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