Windward is a cooperative community of over thirty years dedicated to preserving & developing village-scale technologies to support thriving self-reliant communities on marginal land.

provide 3  hands-on, practical experience with the tools needed to build a life in concert with the natural world.

We come together with the belief that now is the time for radical change, and that nothing is more convincing than a working model of a better way.

With nature as our guide, we use our love, sweat and blood to build a life worth inheriting.

Join us for a season, or for a lifetime.

It is time for radical change

& there's nothing more relevant than a working model of a better way

Windward is a community of stewards as well as a research cooperative of farmers, scientists, historians, healers, engineers and artists. We're dedicated to developing the skills, knowledge & on-the-ground systems that will enable a transition into a sustainable culture.

In the process, we have found that getting back to the basics and mastering the tools fundamental to living well with the land and each other lays the groundwork for the personal transformation necessary to head into the prevailing winds our times.

What We Do







Integrated systems

Village Industry

Windward's Sustainable Community Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a 3 month experience in a land-based intentional community working side-by-side with Stewards of the Windward community gaining practical, hands-on skills with the tools needed to build a life in concert with the natural world

Apprenticeships are tailored to fit the desires and needs of Apprentices, Windward Stewards, and, if appropriate, academic advisors.

Sustainable systems are multi-faceted & diverse so Apprentices should be prepared to learn and participate in wide ranging projects and tasks while also choosing an area of focus for an in-depth learning experience. Areas of focus are co-created during the application process.

Areas of focus to explore include:

Ecological Food Systems |Permaculture Design, Dryland AgroEcology, Polycultures, Animal Husbandry, Preserving the Harvest, Forest Stewardship

Community Living |Representative Consensus, Community & Gift Economies, Historical Communities, Conscious & Sustainable Relationships

Appropriate Technology | Woody Biomass Gassification, Solar Cooking & Food Dehydration, Building an Axial-Flux Alternator, Auduino Micro Control Computers

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

49 hectares

Languages spoken

  • English

People on site

3 - 5

Dry season

March to November

Wet season

November to February

Living Conditions.


  • private room
  • tent camping

Omnivore Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • permaculture


Windward Community is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Those interested in long-term membership
  • intentional, conscious relationships
  • self-responsibility
  • courageous hearts
  • Inquiring minds
  • skillful hands
  • wild souls
  • ecosexuals
  • agroforestry
  • permaculture
  • holisitic management

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