The Ecovillage Institute offers guided tours of the Cite Ecologique's New Earth Organic Farm in Colebrook, NH. The institute was created to offer dynamic classes, workshops, practical trainings and internships inspired by their vision of a more resilient and sustainable future.

Dedicated speakers and facilitators teach students how to develop appropriate skills to live a better-balanced life. Classes, workshops and trainings are offered within the ecovillage ''La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire''.

Internship and volunteering opportunities
Educational Programs
Day on the Farm (2 hr classes)

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Organic Farming Internship

May 01 - Oct 31, 2019Minimum stay: 14 nightsMaximum capacity: 4 people
Food included
Interested in more than a tour and ready to get your hands dirty? Passionate about Organic Farming? Our farm will be delighted to guide newcomers in the discovery of organic farming or to share with more experienced fellows the joys of our work. Interns at the farm will take part in our Organic Farming Program that gives the basics of organic agriculture and sustainable practices, suitable for aspiring future farmers, backyard gardeners or any person interested in learning about the subject.

Therefore, participants take part in garden work from the sowing stage to maintenance, irrigation, using efficient weeding techniques, harvesting, and marketing. Doing so, interns gain skills in maintaining a farm by hands-on, learning-by-doing approach. In complement, once a week, theory classes further the comprehension of larger topics such as basic ecology and the needs of plants. Down to earth aspects are shared as well, for example, soil life, cover crops, crop rotations, season extension, integrated pest management (IPM), post-harvest considerations and so on. Additionally, participants can help in the farm’s complementary enterprises (chicken coop, small fruits, berries, sugar bush, and shiitakes) depending on their area of interest and the season in which internship is taken. Since the farm is within an ecovillage, participants will get the chance to experience its lifestyle.

What is the main language spoken within the community?
> We are mostly French Canadians who have become US Citizens. > We all speak English and French. However, if you’re looking for a full English immersion and culture program, we may not be the best fit.

Will it be possible to visit La Cite Ecologique in Quebec, Canada?
> There is a possibility to visit our Ecovillage located in Quebec Canada www.citeecologique.org (for stays longer than one month). > Please bring your passport!

Do you provide visas for international interns?
> We welcome international interns and visitors. Please note that you are responsible for your legal paperwork.

Is there a minimum time requirement for my stay?
> We strongly suggest a minimum of two weeks for your internship; you may have the opportunity to stay up to 4 months, check our availability when registering.
> *Note that the first two weeks are a trial period.

How long is the internship season
> We mostly welcome interns from May to October, which is the ideal period for the gardening program.

What about meals?
> Lunch is served on weekdays and on Sundays twice a month.
> We have community dinners on Wednesdays twice a month.
> All members, interns, and guests are encouraged to join.
> The community has a mainly omnivorous diet, though, we do not serve red meat at the community meals. There is always a vegetarian option. We also have many local veggies!
> We will do our best to accommodate food intolerances and allergies. Please let us know through the registration form!

Will I get a stipend?
> We offer room and board and our programs are unpaid. However, we offer our participants ample learning opportunities and use of our facilities including access to the community grocery, kitchen, laundry room, internet, pool, hot tub, and hiking trails.

> La Cite Ecologique of NH is in a very rural part of Northern New Hampshire. We suggest that you either drive your own car to the community or rent one at the airport. Here are the other options of transportation: Transportation Options

Lodging facilities:
> We have 2 small cedar wood cabins equipped with bunk beds, shared rooms max 4 per cabin, with beddings, but for a more comfortable stay please bring your own sleeping bag.
> Bathing and kitchen facilities are easily accessible indoors. Internet connection is available in community buildings. Don’t forget to pack a flashlight to find your way around at night!

*There's a dew almost every morning, please bring adequate footwear.

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

227 hectares

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French

People on site

27 - 40

Dry season

July to September

Wet season

October to May

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room

Omnivore Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals


  • fast: streaming video


The Ecovillage Institute is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Organic Farming Internship
  • Eco-Exchange Internship

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