The Greater World Earthship Community is the world’s first Earthship subdivision. Located 15 minutes from historic Taos, New Mexico, the Greater World Community is 634 acres of rolling mesa with great views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the town of Taos. Two and a half miles of the community front New Mexico State Highway 64 W. Lots of varying sizes are available in all phases of this development.

The Gravel Pit Reclamation Project (AKA Lemuria) in the Greater World Community is located in the northeastern portion of the subdivision. By combining the Earthship’s innovative water-catch-and-reuse systems with permaculture techniques to trap and direct surface-water runoff, the Gravel Pit Reclamation Project will demonstrate how to rejuvenate and reclaim a formerly worthless piece of discarded land.

Residents of the Greater World enjoy access to 347 acres of community land, open green space with hiking, biking, and parks. There will be a community center built on community land with sports facilities and playground. Greater World members also have access to backup water from the solar-powered community well.

The Earthship homes are the common element in the Greater World community. They continue to evolve each time one is built. No power, water, gas, or sewage lines enter or leave the property. Earthships produce their own power with photovoltaics and wind generators. They catch their own water, use it, and then treat and reuse it several times. The only outside utility most homes have is a propane tank (used primarily for cooking but also for heating water).

We think Earthships are the way of the future, a way to tread more lightly on the earth we share.

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

147 hectares

Languages spoken

  • English

People on site

100 - 200

Dry season

June to August

Wet season

December to February

Living Conditions.


  • entire house
  • private room
  • shared rooms

Omnivore Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video

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