Can Lliure is a place for mindful Human-Nature relationships. Our aim is to create a Living, Learning & Research Centre where one can develop their own capabilities and to realize inherent potentialities, with Nature's guidance and support. 

We see Can Lliure as a vital place and seeding ground for ourselves and the wider global community to adapt to their surrounding environments once again and enjoy their bounties in a sustainable manner. Can Lliure is based in the wonderful and magical Alta Garrotxa area close to the Spanish Pyrenees. The land we steward of is 100ha and is mainly covered in wild Oak forest with lots of wild goats, wild boars and limestone cliffs. There are 3,5 ha of cleared terraces with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. We are very blessed and very grateful to have a clean and natural freshwater spring on our land from which we drink. 

We also have a few simple structures like outdoor showers,compost toilets, geodesic dome and bell tent to accommodate and host people to enjoy this wild and natural place.We are in the process of rebuilding a old stone ruin too.

We recently started to regenerate these terraces which in the future will become a diverse Agroforestry systems and organic vegetable gardens. We also started our first steps on Mushroom Production and we host a ecological Bee Sanctuary on site

Pictures of the site can be found here:

The current initial evolving site design of Can Lliure can be found here:

​More infos and updates of the exiting pioneer phase soon! 

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Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Aug 13 - Aug 27, 2021
Food included
This in total 16 day long course consists of a broad range of topics applicable to life anywhere on the planet, at the same time catering to specific needs of the participating students.The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course allows you to be the change you want to see in the world. Based on Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Designers Manual, it provides skills and solid knowledge in permaculture design as a science that can create abundant ecosystems sustainably in the backyard, a small farm or on a larger broad acre landscape.

‣ History and definition of Permaculture
‣ Ethics and principle of Permaculture
‣ Design process and its ecological design application
‣ Patterns in nature
‣ Climatic Factors and microclimate enhancement
‣ Hydrological Cycle
‣ Land restoration techniques
‣ Composting
‣ Soil food web and its repair
‣ Water harvesting techniques
‣ Tree crops and food forests
‣ Regenerative earthworks
‣ Climatic specific building and cultivated ecology techniques
‣ Natural building strategies
‣ Animals management in Permaculture
‣ Social and financial Permaculture
‣ Local food systems
‣ And many more fun and dynamic activities

Roman Eisenkoelbl:
Roman,a semi-nomadic Natural Farmer,Tree Planter,Soil Builder and Seed Disperser has been studying and living in Permaculture Projects and Communities since over 8 years which brought him to a diverse range of Projects, Countries, Climates, Cultures and People all over the planet.

He has lived, worked and learned in places like East Africa, India, Nepal,Thailand, the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain

He was part so far of 20 PDC Courses (organization & co-Facilitation) and several short courses.He learned from Experts & Pioneers through participating in workshops of David Holmgren, Jairo Restrepo, Rosemary Morrow, Robyn Francis, Ernst Gotsch, Sepp Holzer, Martin Crowford, Larry Korn, Alex Kruger,Rico Zook and Govinda Sharma.

He is the founder of the Soil-Sun-Soul Project and Blog.

For 3 years he was living,working and learning in India, Ecovillage Auroville and South East Asia afterwards in Australia at the Permaculture Research Institute Maungaraeeda,Sunshine Coast,to deepen his studies.During his time in Australia he also got to know Crystal Waters Ecovillage during several visits..

Now back in Spain to start a regenerative Enterprise and learn more about eco-social life system design while building a Centre for Regenerative Landmanagement Practices in Catalunya Spain on a 100ha mountain property.

Martin Bastide:
Martin has started is journey toward sustainability as an anthropologist, by sharing the life of the Mentawaian tribe, in the rain forest of Siberut. Following this life changing experience he decided to stop his academic career to go into organic farming and sustainable living. After working as a project manager for an organic rice-farming (SRI) project in Vietnam, he attended a PDC in Auroville, India.
Since then, he has been learning and practicing Permaculture by designing, developing and managing gardens and farms, teaching Permaculture Introduction Workshops , teaching PDC's and volunteering and working in various permaculture and organic farming projects in France, Brazil, Sri Lanka and in Auroville.
For the last two years, he has been busy designing and managing an organic market garden in Lombok, Indonesia.

Looking forward to sharing this learning experience together in August!

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

100 hectares

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

People on site

1 - 10

Dry season

June to August

Wet season

November to February

Living Conditions.


  • hammocks
  • tent camping
  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • slow: emails only

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