Summer-camp in stunning nature is open from July through September. According to your needs and budget we can adjust and plan your experience. Please get in touch. 


We have: the space, the teachers, the ideas, the energy, the love

We wish to grow and honor our ideals, to transform our corner of the world into an Artistic Village, a Permanent Universal Exhibition, a magical place where we are free, where we learn and teach others and give people the means and the power to transform all into positive energy.


I. Permaculture: Medicinal Plants & Gardening

II. Natural building: Wood, Stone, Cob we work it all

III. Mystical Percussion: Traditional Romanian Instruments

IV. Health: Hiking, Yoga & Meditation:

V. Arts: Land art, Sculpture


The idea for The Key Residency has been lingering in our souls for a few years now.

As a team, we have been searching for a place to feel we belong to and to call home.

So, we found The Key  and entered right in.

The Residency is situated in the heart of Transylvanian mountains, in a remote village in a valley. The experience of getting here is similar to a rite of passage, an initiation to a magical sphere of this world.

We are now at the beginning, growing, exchanging knowledge, learning and working towards the creation of an Artistic Village, a community of hard working, nature loving, creative people to take part in our journey. In time, with your participation, we wish to transform this site into a Universal permanent Exhibition, to be expanded every year.

The foundation of our concept is partly natural building (which includes clay & wooden houses, tree houses, permaculture, plants & gardening, landscape architecture) and partly artistic creation (sculpture, music, painting, theater, writing, landart, installation, etc).

We invite you to come into our home, to be part of our family, to learn from us and also teach us. At the foundation of our concept is the practical aspect of co-creation which means working together towards the same goal, as a team, as a unique organism.

Theme this year 2016

The Key to Wonderland

Awakening to the light of nature, in harmony and love, visualizing the magic of every leaf, hearing the music of the rivers…

Here we have everything: wood to carve and build with, clay to make amazing sculptures, forests to breathe in, plants and stones for land art and installation, land to grow a garden on.

This amazing landscape is the key to inspiration, all we need to rediscover our essence and start creating magic.

What does Wonderland mean to you? We are curious to find out what your visions will be throughout this experience, and, using the techniques and tools we will offer, what will you create?

We are here for you no matter if you are an artist or not, regardless off your skill levels or education history. We are here to adapt to Your wishes and show you the paths to walk on to achieve your goals.

What does the concept of Time mean to you? Do you think time contracts or dilates in wonderland? Or maybe it disappears completely? Take a moment to think about this…

Brief description of residency program

We are initiating this artist in residence program with the aim to provide a creative and inspirational environment to both artists and non-artists wanting to discover new horizons, to learn and grow together with us in this amazing space.

Artlabs, founded by Hans Reiner Reisenauer in collaboration with Artfusion Transylvania founded by Ioana Tanasescu and Andreea Radu are non-profit organizations and welcome people from all over the world.

Residency program since


Disciplines and media

Art ( sculpture, painting, installation, land-art, bio-art and more)

Theatre (acting, self confidence exercises, creative writing & screen play)

Music (percussion, natural instruments, traditional)

Educational Programs (we teach: arts, natural building/construction, creative writing, acting, yoga, reiki healing, jewelry)

Curatorial (curators are welcomed to find inspiration and new vibes in contemporary art)

Film Making

Landscape Architecture

Natural building/construction (traditional Romanian houses, Tree Houses, Bridges, ovens, furniture, etc)

Type of organisation


Independent Association/Foundation

In collaboration with a Contemporary Art Gallery & Non European NGO Acoss/Yerevan Armenia

Residency conditions

Duration of residencies

1 week up to 3 months

Number of artists resident at one time 15

Collaboration in the community (we all work together, we support each other and we take care of nature)

Please bring the tools you think necessary (due to the fact that our residency is located in a remote area, with no car access, it is difficult for us to order materials here. We prefer to use what we have and create art from and for the land)

Application who/how – Ongoing all year round

E-mail/Digital Application – you must be over 24 in order to apply

Selection procedure

By Committee

Presentation of artists' work

Arranged on a case-by-case basis (Online, in a Contemporary Art Gallery situated in Cluj-Napoca or open studio day here at our location)

Description of residency




Internet Connection


Free materials for certain workshops


Your own tent

Paid Tippy

Paid Army Tent

Hobbit House

Tree House


Other activities happening at the space





Outdoor Cinema

Performance Shows


Live Theater Plays



How to reach

Please contact us for more info regarding your travel.

Nearest airport

Cluj-Napoca, Alba-Iulia


In 2016 The Key Artist in Residence program is running between 7 May and 7 September. Warm months have been chosen specifically for the purpose of integrating artwork into the landscape, creating permanent structures InSitu and, in time letting the ensemble grow into a natural, permanent Universal Exhibition.

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

1 hectares

Languages spoken

  • Romanian
  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Hungarian
  • Saxon

People on site

9 - 50

Dry season

May to September

Wet season

October to April

Living Conditions.


  • hammocks
  • tent camping

Omnivore Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • communally cooked meals


  • fast: streaming video


The Key is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Hydroelectrics
  • permaculture
  • GArdening
  • Sculpture
  • installation
  • design
  • marketing
  • landart
  • bridgebuilding
  • treehouse building
  • cordwood & Cob
  • woofers & volunteers welcome
  • project koordinators
  • human resources
  • managment skills
  • public relations
  • plant medicine
  • yoga
  • workshop leaders
  • landscape designer
  • safety & security
  • electrics
  • lighting

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