In the Philippines, Bahay means house, as Kalipay is the Filipino word for happiness. We have long dreamed of this, a happy house of people living in the spontaneous moment, in authentic togetherness, trust-filled in the presence of what is sacred and simple in the nature that surrounds us.

As a self-sustainable community of spiritual seekers, artists, healers, teachers, and explorers of a raw food lifestyle from around the world, we share the vision of living in harmony with each other, the community, and Nature by making conscious choices towards the evolution of body, mind and spirit that honors the various levels of preparedness of the individual.

Bahay Kalipay is an intimate ashram style space where guests, teachers and facilitators make themselves at home. Some of our independent structures include Issa Hut with double bedrooms and the Ma-I common space, our personal Dap-ay “beach,” the Healing Arts hut we call, Pugad ng Diwata, and Kalipay Kafé, which is also open to the general public for breakfast, lunch and dinner by reservation.

Accommodations include private couples cabin, family rooms, and individual rooms for our guests, which are almost always retreatants. We have a daily onsite staff of kitchen personnel, guest relations and retreat facilitators, and offer daily housekeeping as requested, and as-needed laundry services. Guests of Bahay Kalipay can take advantage of our gentle detox, deep cleanse program of raw food, yoga classes, workshops, spa services and more.

Key Stats.

Year founded


Languages spoken

  • Filipino
  • English

People on site

10 - 25

Dry season

March to May

Wet season

July to September

Living Conditions.


  • entire house
  • private room
  • shared rooms

Raw Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • restaurant on site


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • yoga
  • nutrition/cooking

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