We are Willka Hampi, a small group located near Taray (Pisaq) in the Sacred Valley of Peru. 


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Hostal with activities

Minimum stay: 14 nightsMaximum capacity: 12 people
Food Not Included
We are Willka Hampi, a small group located near Taray (Pisaq) in the Sacred Valley of Peru.
We offer a complete package that includes the renting of rooms accompanied by activities.
This invitation is particularly for those who are interested in the sacred path of life, based on the ancestral tradition, the consciousness of the circle, the Ayllu; which in modern terminology can be called holistic therapy. Which consists to find our healthy relationship with Life, which means with the environment, with others and with ourselves, understanding the purpose of its finality.
The activities:
* Sacred chanting circles from various traditions. Considering that all traditions at their root have in common this meditative form because the sound, corresponding to the ether element (the first of the elements), leads to awakening at the deepest level the dormant consciousness of the being.
* Meetings of discussions on the philosophical structural vision of life, which can be initiated by reading texts, with the purpose of discovering a dynamic that leads us to enter into the consciousness of the circle, the Ayllu.
*Personal accompaniment possible in relation to the themes that are discussed at present.
* Meetings of discussions on collective projects in order to participate in the emergence of a new society.
* Encounters with the sacred plants (this implies a separate cost), based on a previous preparation in a discussion meeting on the shamanic tradition and on the way to enter in ceremony.
Optional: ceremony with sacred plants
Considering that we define our hospedaje as a medicine space, meaning a holistic therapy space, which is based on circle consciousness, which means the integration of the personal being within the inclusivity of a collective being, we offer optionally to enter into ceremony with sacred plants with us. But, we cannot allow the people of the hospedaje to go to take sacred plants in another place, in the time that they are with us, for the reason that it will not favor the awakening of their circle consciousness.
The place is without consumption of alcohol, drugs, marijuana, therapeutic cannabis, mushrooms...
They do not have to identify themselves to our collective identity as Willka Hampi. But, based on the consciousness of the circle that we offer you to discover, you will be able to go to find which collective you belong to, by the choice of destiny.
Separate cost of s/. 250, which includes the preparation, the ceremony, the collective debriefing and a personal accompaniment if necessary.
Option: Temazcal
We propose to enter with us in temazcal, traditional sweat lodge, with accompaniment of songs and drum.
Separate cost of s/. 30 which includes the preparation, the temazcal, a collective debriefing.
Room rental:
We have semi-furnished single rooms inside the large common house, single rooms and rooms for couples outside the common house on its side surrounded by the garden; shared showers and bathrooms.
You will have access to the common dining room, common kitchen, common chill-out and garden.
The rent includes:
 hot showers, electricity and the use of gas in the common kitchen.
 an internet connection for personal use (not for professional use).
 cleaning of bed linen, common areas, showers and bathrooms.
We are a vegetarian community. And the place is without consumption of meat, fish, egg.
Optional: breakfast, lunch, dinner
We also offer the option of food for a separate cost, people signing up in advance.
Optional: participation in community projects with reciprocation of a salary.
As part of the process of finding circle consciousness, we also offer the possibility to participate in current group projects.
Our community functions on the basis of a business clan, for those who come to rent a room, according to our possibilities, we offer them in the package of the rent that includes the various activities, the possibility to participate in one of the sectors of our activities with the reciprocation of a salary; which would allow them to pay their rent or a part of it. This also favors their process of finding the conscience of the circle, participating in the life of the community in its sectors of activities, in the management of its economy and in the management of its organization; that without the obligation of their participation at this level. This would give them a start of training to start their own project, if it is in the plan of their life project.
Optional: practice your own economic activity
Also, if one has his own independent economic activity, and it would be convenient for him to practice it in the community place, we could see if he would make a space that could be convenient for him. What we can discuss and see on the basis of which we could have an agreement.
Price of the complete package: renting rooms, activities.
The commitment is for 1 month minimum, with the possibility of renewing it.
* package of activities with a single room inside: s/. 1030 per month
* package of activities with a single room outside: s/. 1130 per month
* package of activities with a room for a couple: s/. 1760 monthly.
Independent houses:
Next to that, we have two beautiful big houses, which are ideal for a couple or family with children.
They can be rented independently without the package of activities that we propose, for the price of s/. 1300 monthly for the first one and s/. 1500 per month for the second one. Prices include water and electricity. Internet is separate at s/. 75 per month.
They can also be rented, adding the package of activities for the price of s/. 480 monthly per person.
Renting is for 3 months minimum.
For visits and information:
WhatsApp +51 901 278 688

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

3 hectares

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Others

People on site

7 - 30

Dry season

Wet season

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room
  • entire house

Vegetarian Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals


  • medium: voice calls (no video)

Ongoing classes

  • meditation

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