Apapachoa is a new Eco-Cultural Center that promotes agroecological agriculture, education through art & music and eco-tourism. In Nahuatl the language of the mayan people Apapachoa means to « embrace with the soul ». We are located in the rural community of Santa Julia, El Crucero in the middle of 1000 hectares private forest reserve. The pioneer group living there is made up of a diverse mix of passionate ecologists, funky musicians, eclectic artists, yogis and ambitious social entrepreneurs who endeavor to model a sustainable way of life in harmony with nature and other human beings.   

We offer different types of clases and workshop to the local community and to the public of yoga, music and percussions, permaculture, capoeira and english. 

For many of us it’s about reconnecting with nature, with others and with ourselves.

We welcome volunteers from all around the world to come and join the Apapachoa family and share this uplifting experience with us. They work in farming, teaching languages to the kids, participating in the community kitchen and in workshops.

Laetitia, a Belgian who was our first volunteer, describes the Apapachoa Experience as: “a well needed retreat from my former busy life. I learned things I didn’t know about nature and about myself.”

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

704 hectares

Languages spoken

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • Italian

People on site

5 - 10

Dry season

November to April

Wet season

April to October

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room
  • tent camping

Omnivore Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals


  • slow: emails only

Ongoing classes

  • yoga
  • meditation
    1-2 times per week
  • permaculture


Apapachoa is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Volunteer
  • webdesigner
  • carpinter
  • Artist
  • musician

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