Ayahuasca and San Pedro Medicine Ceremonies with authentic Ecuadorian shamans who speak both Spanish and English, near Cuenca Ecuador. Experience traditional ceremonies with Ecuadorian shamans who can bridge both ancient and modern worlds, which is rare indeed! 

Vegetarian and vegan food (no meat), yoga and meditation workshops, meetings for integrating your experience in ceremonies, hot tubs, wifi, comfortable, modern housing, and a day of rest is between each ceremony, which is very necessary. Gaia Sagrada has a reputation for being one of the safest retreat centers in the world. 

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

22 hectares

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

People on site

20 - 45

Dry season

Wet season

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room

Vegan Food

  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • meditation
    3-5 times per week
  • plant medicine
    3-5 times per week
  • yoga
    3-5 times per week


Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Managers
  • Kitchen
  • Grounds

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