We are creating an organic community of eco-minded artists, especially those involved in the performance arts and yoga.  We also have a focus and fitness and the arts and many of us are learning to surf at nearby beaches.  We offer an all-inclusive week-long Permaculture and Yoga Course (PYC).

At the heart of Rancho Delicioso is an organic farm and Permaculture center.  We have a program for long-term volunteers in addition to the PYC, and there's almost always something fun happening here, with participation by many members of the community as well as tourists.

We are hoping to be able to break even or save a bit of money by doing our own growing, while simultaneously doing the following:

1. Research center for local organic farming efforts.

2. Information about organic growing techniques, published on the internet

3. International volunteer center to bring talented people who will help with the farming, create their own exotic projects and research revolving around organic farming, permaculture, and green building.

4. Aquaponics installation and research ponds.

5. Green building research, using local materials, providing information to the public about sustainable and affordable building techniques.

6. Recycling and up-cycling art, construction techniques, and research using materials provided by the area’s recycling center next door.

7. A once-weekly organic restaurant using our own produce, with various guest chefs from among local restaurants and hotels.

8. A large covered geodesic-type dome for public events, and a future circus.


June 17 - 23, 2018
  • Meditation
  • holistic health
  • yoga
  • natural building
  • community projects
  • permaculture
  • medicinal plants
  • food
  • Soil Science
SLEEPING WITH STRANGERS is...A Summer Solstice Celebration honoring our holistic (and ancestral) ecology and wellness.​An intimate gathering for soul-seekers to engage in mindful community and enjoy a week of celebration and focus on modern techniques and applications of natural and holistic strategies for transcending the (false) limitations imposed on our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits by the modern industrial and...

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

20 hectares

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

People on site

15 - 15

Dry season

December to April

Wet season

May to November

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