Mar y Sol represents home for our family and we envision it to be home of many families. It is also retreat and educational project whose aim is to learn and practice living peacefully with the earth and its inhabitants and is the ultimate expression of our philosophy of life and spirituality. In this sense, it is a sanctuary that we live and work in according to the principles of permaculture and spiritual alignment. We are working to become completely self-sufficient and economically independent, by growing the largest possible selection of various edible raw, wild and cultivated food. 

Mar y Sol is part of a network of other like-minded folks, sharing knowledge and experience of permaculture and organic gardening projects. We not only share and exchange our harvests but also teach each other many different sustainability practices through hands on workshops. There are many possibilities in achieving financial independence through the project either by cultivating the land, trading seeds, giving workshops, giving tours, hosting guests and those who want to learn, managing the tree nursery, or selling farm produce at the organic farmers markets-the possibilities are endless.

We are specializing in growing a huge variety of fruit trees, thus considering the project as a fruit sanctuary. We dedicate ourselves with love and passion to conserve rare and endangered species of fruit trees in our orchards. We welcome like-minded people to come and share the land in accordance with the philosophy of Rawtreat and either live on the land or settle as neighbors.

Location: Ojochal, 4,5 km away from the coastal road and the beach, in the mountains. The land is about 400 meters above see level. Guests can stay in our very comfortable ocean view house, the Mango cabin or in the Jackfruit cabin. There is a pristine river with numerous waterfalls andseveral creeks with their pools of crystal-clear water. All the electricity is generated through a photovoltaic system, which makes us completely energy independent. We are striving to become completely self-sufficient, we already have many trees bearing fruits, and we are planting hundreds of different fruit trees from all over the world.

The farm has been carefully selected.... it is blessed with a quiet, secluded location. The farm can be described as "Pristine" as it is completely surrounded by forests. Since the farm sits at 400m above sea level the temperature is cooler than at the beach.... In addition one can enjoy stunning ocean views to one side and a pristine rain forest mountain panorama to the other side. The topography is optimal for those who like to hike. The height difference is about 500 meters from the highest to the lowest point. Apart from our cars, noise pollution is never heard.

Purity: As long as we can trace it back, about 15 years, the farm has not been chemically contaminated. Since the farm is at the highest point and it is surrounded by pristine forests, there's no chemical "run-off" to the land or our rivers. There are no industries or large cultivated lands in the area.

The adult members of the farm are Fita and Ray. The children members are: Christian (14 years), Ricky (10 years), and Gerry (7 years) and our baby girl Estrella.

We are open to further project members,either individuals, couples and particularly families.

Our own produce/external supply: since we still can not fully meet our food needs we are buying/exchanging food from other organic sources. We are working our way to becoming completely self-sufficient.

Teach your children well...
Our general vision is to raise our children in he most harmonious and close-to-.Nature way of life! Thus teaching kids to take responsibility for the well-being of the Earth and all its habitants. More specifically is this expressed by forming the most amazing Wald-kindergarten (Forestkindergarden) and following grades for the kids living in our food forest. People who would like to join our project are asked to help form and run our kindergarden. The kids will learn how to grow their vegetables and fruits following permaculture guidelines. The produce of the kindergarten greenhouse will be used to feed the kids in our school. We believe kids should be fed the purest and most nutritious food in our planet! Kids need a world free of junk food and all its poisonous ingredients. By this we mean, that kids in our school will be served 100% Organic Raw Vegan snacks and meals.
addition, we want to implement Waldorf and Montessori philosophies.

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

175 hectares

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German

People on site

12 - 20

Dry season

December to May

Wet season

August to November

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping
  • entire house
  • private room

Vegan Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • communal kitchen access


  • None: Off the grid

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