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Anders Gustavsson
Heartland Representative
The representative has 7 days to approve your reservation or it will automatically be cancelled.
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10 guests max.

If the WorkTrade Member chooses to vacate land they commit to leave it in the same or better condition as it was on the date the agreement was signed. Upon vacating the premises they agree to NOT leave behind any personal belongings or any debris of any kind.


WorkTrade Includes:

  • Either;

    • Usage of maximum of 15’x20’ approved area for a WorkTrade Member Provided Tent + Setup

    • Occupation of BellTent or other provided accommodation

  • Personal Property equal to MAX one car load is acceptable

  • Allowance of 1 Vehicle (Your vehicle may be required to park elsewhere.)

  • WorkTrade includes access to 25 acres of land

  • Access to many shared spaces (deck, showers, compost toilets, portal, nest, outdoor kitchen)

  • Various amenities included in WorkTrade hours

    • WiFi Internet, Vitamix, Dishes, Utensils, Cleaning Supplies, Toilet Paper, Saw Dust

    • Propane for main power supply generator & for kitchen stove(s)


WorkTrade Does Not Include:

  • Ownership or Entitlement to any area you choose. At any time, it is possible that visitors or other new members may come to camp near your chosen 15’ x 20’ space.

  • Personal propane for heating



WorkTrade Member must understand the Heartland Charter and agree to the Heartlander Member Commitments.


WorkTrade Member understands that Heartland has full intention to be seen and experienced as a professional venue. Any action deemed to be unsupportive of the Hartland Collective’s mission and Charter will result in a request for removal.


WorkTrade Member may be asked to vacate Heartland property at any time. If you are asked to leave you may stay for the remainder of the time you have provided WorkTrade hours for in as exchange. If the provided space is left clean, and proper support has been provided during the WorkTrade Member’s stay 100% of the WorkTrade Members deposit will be returned.


Property occupied by WorkTrade Member is to remain clean, tidy, and debri free. All property, parts, and materials owned by WorkTrade Member should be in a covered space and not openly visible to others passing by. Due to various unforeseen causes all places for WorkTrade Member occupation must be seen as temporary and flexibility of being moved must be adopted.


WorkTrade Member is also aware that participation in a property project is the main reason the space is offered as a trade of service. WorkTrade Member agrees to provide 3-6 hours per day of Hearthours back to the land. For full time occupancy, two days off per week is acceptable. Depending upon accommodations chosen, a total of 15-30 hours per week is the requirement. This practice is a learning opportunity for the WorkTrade member and a gift to the property for providing the space of growth that it does.


WorkTrade Member agrees to participate in the weekly Fika Meeting where the community does a general check-in and various options for Hearthours will be presented.


WorkTrade Members may invite guests to Heartland in accordance with the Visitor Agreement. Visitors of a WorkTrade Member may either join the WorkTrade program or pay Regular Guest Fees. The WorkTrade program is based on single occupancy. Upon community approval an extra person can join in the same location for min of 2 hrs of support per day. As a courtesy to all Heartland Residents, notification of any guest must be cleared with the Heartlander manager. WorkTrade Member takes full responsibility for their guest, and agrees to accompany guest in any common area for introductions. Upon guest arrival, WorkTrade Member will bring guest to Heartlander Manager.


Guest animals are NOT allowed unless specific permission is granted.

There is a 2 day grace period to completing your required HeartHours. If there is any breach of the support you have committed to providing or other terms of this Agreement have been broken the Heartland Collective has full rights to terminate this Agreement and then re-claim complete possession of the above mentioned Property. The deposit can be used to pay for days where no support was offered.

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