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Jose Bermudez
EcoMaste Representative
The representative has 7 days to approve your reservation or it will automatically be cancelled.
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Available until: November 01, 2020
1 guest max.

Guests or (Leaves) These are community members passing through. We welcome them at our full price, get to enjoy the space at their leisure, and are able to experience our jungle living. Leaf members have zero work commitment. 

No deposit is required.


Other types of Memberships:


Node member, a work trade option. 

We are applying tree analogy shared from our sister farm Finca Morpho.


The commitment of this work trade is 10-15 hours a week working in a pillar of your choice (Hospitality, Permaculture/Syntropic Farming, Natural Building, Aquaponics, Yoga & Meditation, Herbalism, and Culinary arts). Along with the requirement to participate in the basic 10 hour commitments that everyone agrees upon through coming to the farm. Grand total of 20-25 hours per week commitment participation. 


All members staying at Ecomaste are required to pay a refundable $50 deposit. Once their stay is complete, this amount will be given back unless there are any damages caused by the member. In the case something breaks, the item value will be subtracted from the deposit.


*All potential Nodes are need to have either a phone or video call with one of the current Council Members on the farm before Membership is approved.*


Basic Commitments:

1. MOOP Monday Morning

2. 1 hour of Trash Tuesday

3. Communal Meetings and Listening Circle Sunday & Wednesday

4. Two Kitchen Shift Daily



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Free / Work-Trade

Pay with these cryptocurrencies:

Cook Work-Trade, EcoMaste

Tinamaste, Fuente Verde, Costa Rica
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