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Cancellation policy

In case of officially proven COVID infection, a 100% cancellation is possible at any time. This also applies to proven quarantine that may have been ordered by the authorities. This is to give our guests a sense of security. In return, we would be pleased if an alternative date could be found.

For all other cancellations the following regulation applies:
Guests can cancel free of charge up to 7 days before arrival. In case of cancellation in the 7 days before arrival, the guest pays an amount equal to the total price.


Covid – These measures are in place at Gato Azul


-        Upon arrival: Please ensure, you have officially tested yourself negatively upon your arrival. If in need, you may also take a test in our facilities, covering the costs of 5 € per test yourself or else bring a test and apply it at the house

-        Disinfection of surfaces

-        take fever on arrival by volunteers

-        disinfect yourself

-        quick tests (tests available for purchase)

-        mandatory test on symptoms (quick test available for purchase)

-        mandatory test on arrival (tests available on site, at cost or bring yourself / test certificate 24 h / take test yourself and do it on site)

-        natural ventilation

-        quarantine in case of illness (one room is reserved in case of high occupancy?)


How to proceed with Covid in an emergency


Guest tested positive for Corona during the stay (repeat test): The affected person and any persons staying overnight are requested to go to their room and seclude themselves. Avoid all contact as far as possible. The result is to be verified by a PCR test. The staff will assist the guest in this process.


What if the PCR test is also positive?

The guest is required to follow the instructions of the health department:

-        travel home and enter quarantine at home (the guest must pay for any remaining costs until the actual departure, unless the room can be assigned to someone else) or

-        to go into quarantine at the hostel and not to leave the accommodation unit. (The costs incurred must be borne by the guest).


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