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Cancellation Policy

All deposits and payments made to Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm are non-refundable unless canceled after 24 hours. The Sivananda Yoga Farm can not refund any payments made to Deposits made to are subject to NuMundo's cancellation and refund policies:

If you made a payment directly to the Sivananda Yoga Farm, and you need to cancel or reschedule at any time after this initial 24 hour period we are happy to accommodate you; your payments will be converted to an Ashram credit which you may use for up to twelve months from the time of cancellation for course tuition, accommodations, or both.

Guidelines and Rules

We ask that you do not bring any meat, eggs, drugs or weapons of any kind to the Ashram.  No smoking, alcohol, drugs, or nudity are permitted on the Ashram grounds. To maintain the purity and spiritual purpose of the Ashram, we ask that all guests and residents follow the schedule of events of our daily program. Attendance at all Satsangs and at least one Yoga class per day is required. Please ask for guidance from the Yoga teachers or the resident Swami to facilitate your adaptation to the daily schedule so that you can more easily understand the principles and the philosophy behind the practice. Reception staff will guide you on the do's and dont's while at the Ashram.

Karma Yoga

The Yoga of selfless service. All visitors are encouraged to join our staff (all non-paid volunteers) in this service during our daily scheduled Karma Yoga Hour.


Families with children are always welcome. Parents must supervise their children (except when they are enrolled in Kids Camp). Pay half price for children 12 years and under.

Couples sharing accommodations

Please note that the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm is a classical Monastic Yoga community and retreat, and in joining us for your stay you agree to abide by the rules of the Ashram. Brahamacharya (abstinence) is observed here, this means that we maintain separate accommodations for men and women. Exceptions are made for married couples, couples in long term relationships (at least three years or more together) and for families staying together in the same cabin. No additional unrelated guests are allowed in these mixed gender accommodations.  


Special authorization needed to bring pets.

Dress Code

Generally, staff at the ashram wear plain, simple clothing (e.g. T shirt or sweat shirt and loose, comfortable pants/trousers).

Please note that this is a traditional ashram and all are expected to observe the dress code. We require you to cooperate with this so that everyone maintains the pure energy of the ashram. In satsang, we wear clean, light-colored clothes—not jeans or work clothes. If you do not comply, we may ask you to change. Clothes are available to buy in the boutique.

This is the dress code for both men/women:


  - no nudity or transparent clothes
  - no bare shoulders, no tank tops
  - no low cut tops
  - no tight fitting clothing, no exercise shorts
  - no bare midriffs (tops should be able to tuck into the trousers)
  - no tights- trousers should be knee length or longer and loose

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