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Mitch Haddad
Project Bona Fide Educational Director
The representative has 96 hours to approve your reservation or it will automatically be cancelled.
We ask for payments upon arrival for guest's desired length of stay. We prefer payments in cash and in our local currency, Cordobas, when possible.

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Eco-Lodging in an Environmental Education Center, Project Bona Fide

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua
Check in:n/a
Check out:n/a
Per night:$25
Food included:
This host is using the deposit payment method. In many countries, accepting credit card payment is either impossible or highly inconvenient, so most financial exchanges are done in cash.
15% Amount to pay now:n/a
To pay on-site:n/a
Please make sure to bring this amount with you! After checkout you can contact the host if you need to discuss alternatives to cash payment.