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Malian Lahey
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We are excited to share our passion for social justice, good food and coffee, and this beautiful natural landscape with you! We are happy to refund your fee, minus the NuMundo service charge, with 48 hours or more of cancellation notice. After that, your fee is non-refundable. A few things to consider: Hawai`i is a postcolonial space that serves as the intersection to many cultures. Please be respectful of the host culture and even better, enjoy discovering more of the profound wisdom imbedded in many Hawai`ian and local cultural practices. We have working livestock guardian dogs who keep us and our farm safe. They are wary of strangers and affectionate with those who they have come to know and accept as family. Please do respect (do not touch them, open gate, put hands through fence) the boundaries that they establish with you by barking and other intimidation behaviors. The dogs are not in the camping area. When you want to access an area where the dogs are, please ask a farm resident or permanent worker to accompany you to keep you out of harms' way. This policy is in place for your comfort and safety and any violation is at your own risk.

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