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Available until: October 31, 2019
8 guests max.

For More Information & To Apply...

For those seeking more information or an application, please reach out to us by contacting Laurie Hobbs at: Interested applicants, in your email please include your answers to the following initial questions.


Once we receive your answers, we’ll send you the program application to complete. And finally, the last step in the application process is to have an online interview phone call. Please allow at least two weeks for this process before the start of your desired program month.


  1. Please provide your full name, age, home address, email and the best phone number where you can be reached.

  2. Where did you first hear about Aletheia Springs (and this Work Scholar program in particular)?

  3. Which month(s) are you interested in participating in our Aletheia Work Scholar program in 2019? (within March - October)

    1st choice month(s)    _________________

    2nd choice month(s):  _________________

    3rd choice month(s):   _________________

  4. What draws you to want to participate in this program at this particular time in your life?

  5. Are you willing, able & genuinely excited to live in rustic seasonal accommodations and be fully engaged at the Springs for an average of between 31-35 hours/week for the program month you are applying for? (31-35 hours includes both the service & practice time commitment needed.)

  6. Are your current physical, psychological, financial, or any other personal needs and life circumstances fully in alignment and support of your participation in this program at this time?

  7. What do you hope to take away from your participation in this program?

  8. What do you hope to contribute through your participation in this program?

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Aletheia Springs’ 2019 inaugural Work Scholar cohort!

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Work Scholar Residential Immersion Program, Aletheia Springs

Glen Ellen, California, United States
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