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Ted Karfakis
Terra Sylvestris biological field station and eco-community Field volunteer program coordinator
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Please send this form via Numundo at the time of your booking . Terms and conditions for our program can be found bellow

Terra Sylvestris Field volunteer program Application form







1. If you have any medical conditions or disabilities you believe we should be aware off please let us know in advance


2. Please take up comprehensive health and personal possessions insurance during your time here as we cannot accept any responsibility in the event of an emergency to you or any other person despite our willingness and commitment to assist you as much as we possibly can, medical and other expenses incurred during an emergency related to the above are your responsibility beyond what the local health clinic in Kalamos can provide for free


3. When you are here you essentially become a part of the local community for that time, please be respectful and careful this is a rural isolated area and some kinds of  extreme behavior(e.g. nudism) will not be tolerated 


4. The harvesting of wild animals or plants or any form of life for any purposes other than pre agreed  and licensed ecological research(with us) is not allowed during your time here, this is something that is not only benefiting the local ecosystem but pays attention to the rights of local communities to these resources


5. You may not engage in any kind of activity related to the objectives of Terra Sylvestris without our prior consent and agreement, anyone doing this may be asked to leave


6. Volunteers working on their own research project may need a government issued license for certain kinds of activities such as collecting specific species of animals or plants. We can help you with this, please contact us for further guidance if you wish to work on your own project.


7. Volunteers working on a specific task in any given day declare it and sign their name at the beginning and end of work for that task in a given day in the activity book located in the Kalamos Island biological field station


8. The Kalamos island field station management cannot be held responsible for accidents or sickness of any kind. The volunteer agrees to stay at the station at his/her own risk. We therefore recommend contracting a travel health and emergency insurance. The station management agrees to contact the emergency contact in case of an emergency


9. The volunteer needs to look after his/her valuables. When leaving the station for longer, the doors have to be locked. The station management is not responsible for any kind of loss or theft.


10. People participating in the volunteer program stay in our field station main building in Kalamos island.


11. Our volunteer program costs 600 Euros per calendar month(30 calendar day period) . 


12. The minimum amount of time a volunteer can stay with us for this program is 15 calendar days


13. We ask you to pay your fee two days prior to the end of the period you made last payment for in the case you are to remain in the program beyond a set of dates for which you have made payment for prior to this



14. The use, possession or dealing of any form of illegal substances or chemicals or drugs is strictly prohibited, any person found or discovered performing the above will be reported to the police immediately and we will be the first to cooperate with relevant authorities in the fight against all forms of illegal substances and chemicals in general including drugs.


15. Kitchen and toilet, laundry and bathroom facilities are provided and it is your responsibility along with others to prepare meals and to keep hygiene and other related conditions at an acceptable level beyond the basic cleaning service provided by the station on a weekly basis



16. When you borrow a book or item of equipment it will be your responsibility to bring it back as soon as possible and in the condition you borrowed it, please take care of anything you use, you may be charged for it, if it is broken in any way by you.


17. All necessary training and orientation during your time on the project is provided by Terra Sylvestris. All volunteers receive an appropriate training session at the start of their time with us , we work with volunteers to prepare them with information material and communications via internet prior to their arrival in Kalamos.


18. You need to be 18 years of age or over at the time you apply to volunteer with us to be considered to join the program


19. We operate on a non discriminatory policy basis. People of all ages 18 or above  can potentially join the program provided they can show the relative commitment and ethos .We try our best to fit what we do to the individual volunteer .We don’t separate people based on gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or religious belief.



20. We have a two stage application process whereby following the first stage of the application process of sending the form ,a second stage follows where a live interview is held via skype , telephone or in person .

21. Volunteers need to follow the internal regulation of the Kalamos island biological field station anyone not doing so will be asked to leave

22. A volunteer is free to leave the program at any time prior to completion provided a one calendar week notice is given to the volunteer coordinator. In extreme cases a smaller time frame may be possible subject to the approval of the board of members of Terra Sylvestris




                               Booking and Cancellation Policy


1. Once the volunteer has been accepted, we require a non-refundable 30% deposit to guarantee the volunteer position. The remaining non refundable 70% has to be paid at least 15 days prior to arrival for volunteers staying up to two calendar months. For volunteers staying with us for more than two calendar months the remainder of the fee has to be paid by the end of the previous period of participation for which a payment was made. This later type of payments is also not refundable


2. Due to the very limited number of beds, cancellations near the arrival date or an earlier departure can seriously affect our operations, as we already start organizing your stay well in advance. Additionally, cancellations will leave our rooms unoccupied, when other guests might have used them. 


3. We understand that cancellations are often caused by significant problems; nonetheless there are no refunds for whatever reason. Therefore we recommend purchasing cancellation insurance.




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Field volunteer program in Biodiversity Monitoring and Permaculture, Terra Sylvestris biological field station and eco-community

Kalamos Island, Levkas, Ionian Islands, Greece
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