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Harlow Salvador Newton
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Available until: August 16, 2020
2 guests included in price, additional guest $75/night, 4 guests max.
Cancellation Policy (For Individual Guests): 100% Refund: (Up to 30 Days Notice Prior to Arrival) 50% Refund: (Between 15-29 Days Notice Prior to Arrival) No Refund: (Less than 14 Days of Arrival) Cancellation Policy (For Scheduled Group Retreats): 100% Refund (Up to 60 Days Notice Prior to Arrival) 50% Refund (Between 30-59 Days Notice Prior to Arrival) No Refund (Less than 30 Days of Arrival) --- * --- Codes of Conduct, Agreements & Ground Rules The following is a list of Codes of Conduct, Agreements and Ground Rules that must be followed by ALL personnel, staff and volunteers working at Buenaventura and Three Seeds, and by all over-night guests/clients, day visitors, and friends and family that stay, use or access any of the Buenaventura properties and easements including the bridge, privately owned by Harlow Newton. Codes of Conduct No use of foul or sexual language is allowed, including curse words or inappropriate or negative language at any time. No sexual behavior, language or inappropriate activity is allowed between staff and guests, specifically with our under-age student group guests. Inappropriate physical activity is NOT allowed with under-age guests at any time. No rough-play or fighting is allowed between staff, volunteers and family/friends with guests and visitors. No use of firearms and dangerous and/or illegal weapons is allowed by staff, volunteers, family/friends and guests at anytime. Aside from machetes and small pocket knives which are used regularly on the property as a work tool. No assaulting, screaming and yelling is not allowed between staff, volunteers, family/friends or towards guests or from guests at any time. This is a peaceful sanctuary and we want to maintain harmony, serenity and peace at all times. For staff and/or family/friends who are working or visiting and bring their own kids with them to work or to stay, no bad-mannered behavior or temper tantrums are allowed, especially in front of guests and visitors during retreats and stays. No stealing or theft is allowed at any time. Buenaventura’s staff, family/friends and volunteers are not allowed into rentals or guest rooms unless they are specifically on-duty to clean the rentals or rooms only. Guests personal items and valuables may not be removed from their rooms under any circumstance. Buenaventura advises guests to lock up their valuables (cash, passports, electronics, cell phones, etc.) in Buenaventura’s “Safe Room”, and your host will offer to lock up your valuables when you first arrive. If a lost item or items are found on any of the Buenaventura properties, including inside or outside rentals or along any of the easements, in the pasture or in the creeks/waterfalls, the item or items MUST be given to Harlow Newton so he can return them to their rightful owner. Agreements & General Ground Rules No throwing, littering or burying garbage on any of the Buenaventura properties, including leaving garbage or any materials on the bridge or parking lot, along or on the easements and on or around the bridge itself. No jumping, climbing or hanging off the bridge under any circumstance. Please walk across the bridge normally, and DO NOT jump or try to swing the bridge from side to side. Close the bridge door gently, do now slam the door. No cutting trees, roots, bark, or chopping any plants or flora without permission, this includes no chopping into trees with a machete or knife. Lets protect and respect our trees as though they are our children. Keep all gates CLOSED at all times, especially the gate at the bridge lot along the road. DO NOT slam the gate, please open and close it gently. No NUDITY allowed in the river or places in public view or in the presence of minors and underage guests. No harvesting fruits, Cacao or any foods from any of the trees or plants without permission. No burning plastics of any kind or starting camp fires outside designated campfire areas. No climbing up trees, standing on roots or swinging on vines under any circumstance. Specifically on the Sacred Ceiba, there is no standing allowed on the buttress roots or climbing inside the womb area of the tree. This tree is a delicate eco-system and must be preserved and protected by not standing on the roots or climbing on it. No walking or hiking outside of designated trails and easements. DO NOT walk or access any areas that are not cleared as trails or paths, this includes no walking through brush, jungle or over-grown pasture areas. Consumption of Alcohol and/or Tobacco Smoking is NOT allowed on any of the Buenaventura properties, inside or outside the River-lodge, Maya Luna Temple, Ranchito del Rio and/or any of the Pueblo Nuevo Eco-Village Rentals, around the Sacred Ceiba Tree, as well as anywhere on Puente Alma bridge or parking lot and on the bridge itself. No use of amplified or loud music after 8 pm in and around the rentals unless during an event where all guests are part of the event/party. Ground Rules for access to Buenaventura Entrance/Parking Lot, Lower Level and Upper Level Eco-Park, Fibonacci Cacao Forest, BuenaFortuna Waterfall and Maya Luna Temple: Buenaventura Official Entrance & Parking Lot: (Open 24/7) Lower Level: (Eco-Park Pass required – Open 5 am to 6 pm) Buenaventura’s Lower Level consists of the following: * Old-Growth Tree Forest Park (on the north side of Puenta Alma) and Ranchito del Rio * Dry Creek and Nature Trail past Three Seeds * BuenaFortuna Waterfall (behind Maya Luna Temple) – only accessible by reservation/request (this waterfall is not accessible unless authorized by the owner or manager) Upper Level: (Eco-Park Pass required – Open 5 am – 5 pm) Buenaventura’s Upper Level consists of the following: * Ascension Mountain & Private Reserve (begins behind Maya Luna Temple at the trailhead) * El Mirador Wilderness Tent Camp Grounds & Look-out Platform * ZenZu/Los Mangos Area * Toucan Rock Creek and trail leading down to creek Fibonacci Cacao Forest (Private): The Fibonacci Cacao Forest is the Cacao and superfood forest between Three Seeds and Maya Luna Temple. This area is private and not accessible to guests, visitors, friends/family unless by invitation or on a scheduled tour. Maya Luna Temple (Private): Maya Luna Temple is the building located to the west of the Fibonacci Cacao Forest. This building and the area around it is private and not accessible to guests, visitors, friends/family unless by invitation, on a tour or a scheduled retreat/class/workshop. No one is allowed to enter or use Maya Luna Temple without permission. Please refer to Maya Luna Temple house-rules for more information on use of Maya Luna.

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