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Luis Elesman Varela Marin
Rio Celeste Farming Adventures Representative
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Rules and restrictions The rules and restrictions must be: *Respect others, have a positive and open attitude (we hope you have fun at work, learn and share their own knowledge). *Be willing to share some social time, learn the language and interact with the local community. *Please be quiet after 9pm in the rooms and be considerate of other familly end oder volunteers. *Be committed and willing to fulfill their commitments. *No drugs or cigarettes in the room. *Take good care of tools, buildings and equipment throughout training center. You will be asked to return things as good and clean as you got. ALL BOOKING MUST BE DOING BY THE FOLLOWING WEB SITE. ( Additional information, weather conditions, things to bring We are a rainy tropical climate zone, there is no well-defined summer and winter season. For that reason it is necessary to always be prepared to face any climate condition, advise you to keep the following; • Repellent • Sunscreen • Rubber boots or waterproof shoes work • raincoat • Hat • Long sleeve shirt • Long pants

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Standard Room & Breakfast, Rio Celeste Farming Adventures

La Paz, Guatuso, Alajuela, Parque Nacional Volcan Tenorio
, Costa Rica
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