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Mojo Mustapha
Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community Community Director
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Termination of Stay

We offer very affordable rates to stay in our relaxed and friendly eco-tourist community. In a community of individuals, the community does not impose itself on any individual. But neither does anyone impose themselves by disturbing the community harmony.

We reserve the right to terminate the stay of a VolunteerIntern or Weekly/Monthly Guest immediately and without refund based on a serious violation of any of the following:

  1. Loud or socially disruptive behavior that is detrimental to the smooth functioning of the community. Hedonisia has quiet hours. 10:30pm (Sunday – Thursday) and 11:30pm (Friday and Saturday). Please respect them.
  2. Continued Incomplete fulfillment of volunteer requirements or unwillingness to participate in the program as agreed.
  3. Continual failure to follow good hygiene for shared kitchen, bathroom and shower spaces. i.e. "Clean up as you go!"
  4. Continued inconsiderate use of any entertainment device in common areas that disrupts community harmony.
  5. ALCOHOL Use - We allow the drinking of alcohol but not drunkenness. The Hedonisia definition of drunkenness is: "Any behavior whilst under the influence of alcohol that causes another Community Member to feel uncomfortable."
  6. Many romances have started here in our little jungle Paradise! However, we are an EcoFeminist Community and do not accept violations of the Hedonisia Consent Culture Community Guidelines.


Hedonisia Cancellation Policy & Fees

We charge a cancellation fee because we hold that space for you. We take no other bookings for this space so if you cancel it means that we have less time to fill that space. As a small community, this makes a difference.

  1. More than 2 weeks Notice. If you need to cancel your reservation before please try to do so with as much notice as possible. Volunteer or Guest Cancellations with at least 2 weeks notice prior to arrival are subject to a 30% Cancellation Fee.
  2. Less than 2 Weeks Notice. Guests or Volunteers who cancel within 2 weeks before arrival or after their first night of stay are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

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